John Henry remembered....

John Henry was the last to see his friend alive years ago
at the Wagon Wheel motel. As John Henry was leaving the room,
Joe Preacher came into the room late that night.
The next day the friend was found dead in that room,
beaten to death then robbed of all the money he had
from the check he had cashed to rent the room, where he let
all the homeless people come in and take showers.
John Henry never forgot that and would never let Joe anywhere around the camps.

John Henry put up this sign in his camp to "keep the cussing down", while I preached he said.
I would always bring a pot of food down every Sunday to his camp and we would have church.
Recently John Henry was  stabbed to death. Dying in a field. Forgotten and alone.
Good bye John Henry, my friend. I will remember you.
Lazarus Wolf